No one except you.


Draco malfoy x Harry Potter

Pairing: Drarry

Author: T.H.Simon (me)

Disclaimr: Harry Potter belong to J.K Rowling, all the coppyringhts associated with Harry Potter belongs to me. Only the ideas contained within this story is the proprety of me. No profit is being made by the writer of the story.

Gerne: Romance, 18+

Background: In this story, Draco is somehow very hot, which makes girls crazy because of him…

But… :v


-“Xôi thịt” hơi bị nặng a~ Nhưng mà Simon viết bằng tiếng anh :3 Có sai sót gì mong mọi người chỉ dẫn. Mọi người tạt ngang thì bấm vào đọc… :v tiếng anh của mình cũng không cao siêu thần thánh gì đâu.


Chap 1: First met.

Last night, the ridiculous dream had continuously bothered my sleep, thus I couldn’t even take a nap. Now, my head was about to exploded, feeling like I had already died two or three years ago. And Ron’s squeaky voice chirped made me feel so annoyed. He was chatting with Seamus about some nonsense things that my brain couldn’t either get any words of him or understand what he was saying about.

Transfiguration class of strict professor Mc Gonagall was boring as usual, she was teaching us the way how to transform a bird into a mouse (some kind like that), Neville was nonstop making professor feel so impotent when he just made a bird die a thousand time before it could really “become” another animal. Professor Mc Gonagall had always shrieked his name angrily “Neville!”. In the other hand, Hermione raised her hands to ask about something while the professor was intending to open her mouth and explain.

“Show off! Granger” I whispered.

“Come on, Harry.” She gnashed.

I had known why this little girl did like that for a long time, but it’s somehow stupid. It was just a boy, though I couldn’t deny that he was utterly, extremely hot-Draco Malfoy of Slytherin House, the person who made girls go crazy because of him, pure-blood wizarding, having the cold grey eyes which made anyone look at him would be glamored by his handsome. His blonde hair had always been neatly combed which show out the elegance of nobles. Barely talk or smile to anyone, making me feel like if he opened his mouth then the Malfoys would be “devoured” by Voldemort. He always went to the class like a ghost with a mysterious cold face, making me feel sick when I saw his attitude but have a little bit curiousity.

“Look! He has just looked at us” Hermione shook my arms while my eyes was still drowsy.

“Damn! You have nothing to do anymore, don’t you.” I sighed, looking at her angrily.

“The number of my fans is approximately as same as him!” I smiled, proudly said.

“Yep, approximately, but all of them are “boys”, chasing after you. Haha” Hermione giggled.

“My body is hotter than him!” I protested.

“Stop it! Harry. You are not my type” Hermione whispered into my ears.

“But ‘type’ of other girls.” I replied.

“Who? Ron? You two? Haha.” She laughed.

“Come on.” Ron faced to her, blushed as he looked at Hermione then turned to look at me.

I said no words for I knew the feelings of Ron toward me, I didn’t want to mind about the affair between me and him, for it might ruin our relationship. He was somehow my best mate, that’s all. We coudn’t go any further than friendship, in the end it was because I didn’t feel the same way he felt. When I looked at him, I felt Ron was a brother that I could rely on when I was sad. He knew how to share and listen to me. The problem here was that I hadn’t ever had any “different feelings” with Ron.

Love was something that we couldn’t control and force it in our way. It just came naturally.

We left the transfiguration class for the Hall to have lunch. Did not know why but eating didn’t interesting me now, so I went to the library to find some peace because it was the only place that I wouldn’t be bothered.

Let’s thoughts flow in my head, then I accidentally bumped into ‘something’ that I didn’t pay attention, thus walked away.

Stopping at the familiar corner in the library that I found last year. This place had a small window so that I could contemplate the campus, watching the sunshine was penetrating each leaf canopy without scaring of anything. There was drop of waters on the glass after the hardly rain last night, raising my hands softly in order to touch each drop, I could feel the peace was beating in my heart, escaping from noises made me feel so relaxed. Becoming a hero had nothing cool after all, many responsibilities to handle, always trying to keep a ‘good model’ in everyone eyes so that my face would not appear on Daily Prophet because of some exaggerated stories. Feeling like there was always a prison that prevent me from doing any things stupid, and being myself…Sometimes, I felt too tired when I thought about facing to Voldemort one day because I was weaker than I thought…

Hiding my weakness inside…

“Hey!” A strange voice suddenly raised which made my heart literally jumped out the street. Who and how he could find out this place, not paparazzi? I inhaled then turned around.

“You…you…you follow me?” I rolled my eyes, looking at the bloke who was standing smugly in front of me with a damned smirk. I pointed at him frightened.

“Draco Malfoy.” He reached out his hands.

“Harry Potter.” I smiled then shook his hands as politeness.

“You follow me, don’t you?” I frowned, trying to take my hands out of him though he was squeezing my hands with the very weird cold eyes. His look made me gulp.

“What are you doing?” I bewildered.

So here was his real face, getting out from a fake mask that people always saw everyday, he was nothing but a ridiculous man. My head spinned around, didn’t understand what was happening in front of my eyes. Why Draco Malfoy followed after me to the library, and now he held my hands like he wanted to crush it into pieces. He envied me?  There was so many questions appeared in my head at the same time that I couldn’t control.

Rude and arrogance as he almost always was?

“What the hell?” I couldn’t stand but to yell at him.

“Apologize!” He angrily said, this time I really couldn’t get in what was going on, I came here to find some peace, and he suddenly came up from middle of nowhere, forcing me to say sorry. These things made any sense? I furiously looked at him, then kicked into his legs.

“Fuck! What is happening? You must be the person who need to say sorry. Why I must apologize you?” I scolded but he still held my hands.

“Bumping into me, breaking a jar of poison that I have spent two months to invent.” He exclaimed.

I glanced at him, trying to remember when and where I had bumped into him. Then, I vaguely remembered something. “The thing” I had passed through at the Hall was this guy? I wondered and looking at another direction, trying to avoid his grey eyes that had got angry like a storm.

“Well…” Not waiting me finish my sentence, he had interrupted me.

“Apologize or I kiss you!” Draco said, giving me a shifty look

My jaw dropped, coudn’t believe what had been spoken out from his mouth. I felt my body flabby when I heard his wily voice. I wriggled myself in order to get out from his hands, pushing his chest as hard as I could.

“Get off my hands. K…k…iss…what?” I yelled

“Low down your-” He hadn’t finished his sentence yet then he stiffly pushed me into the opposite corner, using his left hand to hold my head not to hit into the wall. I didn’t clearly understand everything yet then found out his body had hugged me so far.

I could feel his breath on my neck as his arms wrapped on me that made me coudn’t move my body. I tried to get out from him but I couldn’t, the more I tried to get out, the more he held me tightly. Time had almost stopped for a while when I felt my heart beating faster and faster, a vague heat was burning in me. I stopped breathing for a while, I hadn’t felt like that with anyone before… my knee suddenly melted down, my body lost balance and leaned on him. I stared at him, my face blushed.

“Girls is so annoyed” He whispered in his throat.

I still stared at him, feeling his heart was also beating very fast too.

“Hey! Over there. That is Draco, right?”

“What are yo-” Didn’t let me finish my sentence, he put his finger on my mouth then his lips placed on mine without asking for permission.

“I have just seen him here, Hermione.”

“Hey! That guy looks like him”

“He could not be with a guy, idiot!”

I widened my eyes when I heard Hermione’s voice far away, trying to push him out of me but he kept holding my head, pressed his lips on mine, pulled my body came closer to him then kissing me harder though I kept beating him. Hearing a footstep came closer to us, my body sweated in fear, he squeezed my body me tighter, twisting my tongue softly, making my knee go weaker than ever that I couldn’t move. I closed my eyes, accidentally cried out when his hands rubbed on my back, licked my ear lobe gently. A moan came out my mouth when he kissed my neck. He finally loosened my body, then looked into my eyes. Draco smirked, leaned against my body, and whispered gently into my ears.

“Girls have gone.” He hesitated for a minute then whispered “Want more? Your moan has really ‘stimulated’ me, Potter.”

My body froze as I heard his warm voice. I cleared my throat, looking at another way, getting too awkward to face to him. I didn’t dare to say a word, couldn’t believe that I had actually felt pleasure when he touched me. I had actually “co-operate” with him. I had kissed him back too.

“What had happened to me?” I thought.

“I…I…hav…ve…to…go…” I spoke with a halt, avoiding his excited eyes.

“But this place of you says no.” He replied, suddenly put his hands on my private which had been tingled so far.

My face blushed, rolling my eyes as my body started trembling. I inhaled deeply and said continually.

“Draco, listen! It’s a mistake. Just a natural reaction. We have just talked to each other for 30 minutes.  Forget it, forget this place, forget what have just happened. I am sorry for breaking your jar of poison. Done! Understand, okay?”

“Now get off your hands.” I angrily said but actually my heart was shaking.

“Just natural reaction, huh? Potter” -“How interesting! If I don’t…that girl still looks at us…” A smirk crept on his lips. Before I could protest, he kissed me again. My heart was beating hardly that I believed he could probably hear it too. His tongue crept quicky into mine, sucking it hungrily as he clenched my body which made me trembling a little bit. I, on my side, was breathing faster as I realized his hands slid down from my chest to my private and rub it slowly.

“Hey! You guys…”

A strange voice raised. I widened my eyes, trying to push Draco away though he still kissed me that made my body felt too weak to get out from him. I somehow conceived we had gone too far. Then, suddenly I bit his lips, kicked into his knee and ran away before a strange guy could approach us.

“DAMN! Catch you later, Potter.”Draco wiped his lips and rose a mysterious smile.

To Be continued…

Iam going to apologize in advanced and  for my grammar mistakes.


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